The whole concept of Intelligent IT is essential to the way that Ylem operates. Our philosophy is simple: we choose the most cost effective and technologically suitable system to suit our clients' requirements.

  • Microsoft - the most commonly used operating system on desktops

  • Apple - the favoured desktop for design and art work

  • Linux - the most popular operating system for servers

  • Thin client - a green alternative to a PC on every desktop

  • Cloud - Ylem host their own servers that customers can access

Offering choices increases our customers' competitiveness and reduces their costs.

What are thin clients?
Think of your favourite TV programme. It doesn’t actually take place in your living room does it? You merely view an image of what is happening in a studio elsewhere.

Thin client computing is the same. You host all applications and data on a central server and access it using simple, graphics-based terminals known as thin clients.  Things bring a series of benefits including reducing cost of ownership, increased reliability and higher security.
Server Systems
Ylem have supplied Server Based Systems since the 1970's.
Server based systems typically consist of one or more servers serving any number of 'thin client' machines throughout your organisation. This ensures a much lower cost of ownership as all of the software runs on the server.


Our services 

- Complete ownership and support of your
  entire IT infrastrucuture with excellent support
- Facilities Management
- Wide and Local Area Networks(WAN/LAN)
- VPN - Virtual Private Networking
- Disaster Planning and Recovery
- Remote Management and Support
- On-site Support
- Training
- IT Consultancy


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