ICT Networks

ICT Networks

High speed IP data networks are the perfect solution for high density applications which can be scaled from the smallest, single switch networks for a small office or home environment, to corporate networks with thousands of endpoints.

IP networks are now at the very heart of all businesses and provide far more than just connections to computers, printers and servers.  Today there are various network topologies that between them, can deliver an almost endless range of content delivery and monitoring services.



Virtual Private Networks offer many advantages; teleworkers can connect to a corporate network as if they were say at their office PC working on the same files and documents, sharing and communication with their colleagues. VPN connectivity also opens up a great opportunity for remote support with critical networks being accessible from anywhere in the world for expert assistance which can be provided round the clock.

VPN systems can also link separate networks in remote locations together so they act as single network


Wireless networks let employees go wherever they are needed with the same secure access, whether retrieving emails while sitting in an airport or updating inventories from the warehouse.

Wireless products provide security, management, deployment and mobility to help employees and customers connect with each other. Today's wireless networks feature comprehensive security capabilities, allowing employees to remain productive both in and out of the office.


For the ultimate and possibly most futuristic network, Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON) can deliver numerous bandwidth hungry services to an almost infinite number of end users on a single optical fibre.

Passive optical networks have a maximum reach of 60km radius from the central comms room, without the need for any powered field plant, providing a substantial saving on energy costs.  Compared to copper, (a diminishing resource) fibre has a longer life cycle and is less corrosive in hostile environments such as salt water.