Tech Solutions

"Tech Solutions" by Ylem

The IT Network Infrastructure is at the heart of the communications and management systems across many organizations

Ensuring your IT infrastructure is reliable and secure is rudimentary. To gain a real competitive advantage, a strategic infactsuture is vital and this is where we can help you.

Network infrastructure design is undergoing yet another revolution, not only to carry and manage IT and telephony, but a host of other digital, audio and real time television based services, delivered via the IP platform. Here at Ylem we consider todays emerging technologies during infrastructure and software design, and create solutions that are able to integrate fully with supporting technologies.

Our tech offerings don't stop at IT. Mobius, our complete business Enterprise Resource Planning system is designed to meet companies exact requirements. Mobius is a powerful ERP solution for mid-market application that unifies all systems into one single place.

Browse our complete range of IT solutions below from disaster recovery to internet telephony.