Mobius Manufacturing/BOM
  • Component management for manufacturing and businesses requiring Bill of Materials.

  • Multiple level B.O.M.
  • Full traceability of components/ingredients used in products.

  • Suitable for a large range of manufacturing processes – Food & Drink, Publishing, I.T, Pharmaceutical, Furniture, White Goods etc.

  • Tailored to your requirements

Increase profitability
Powerful management and analysis of your manufacturing processes.

Save Time
Optimised to easily manage complex stock throughout your all your business processes from sales orders to fulfilment

Save Money
Purchase and cost analysis.

Peace of mind
A dependable solution meeting the demands of mid size enterprise.

Case Study
Super Tramp, a successful trampoline and outdoor toy distributor were expanding and had outgrown their Sage system. 

Ylem installed Mobius enabling them to continue with their expansion and to cut costs.

Ylem tailored Mobius to automatically produce all the shipping documentation.  This saved 4 operatives 4 hours a day completing shipping notes manually.  This time saved enabled them to grow their business without additional staff. 

Chris Prentice, Managing Director of Super Tramp, said
"Installing Mobius was the best business decision I ever made".
  • Tailored to your business.
  • On Demand Manufacturing model
  • Suitable to drive your business to Lean Manufacturing.
  • Push-Pull manufacturing
  • Optional Just in Time stock management
  • Tracability of component by serial and/or batch numbers.
  • Stock management with lead time management.
  • Automatic calculations of lead times, reorder levels and costings.
  • Component management
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Multi-Company
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Location
  • Group company consolidation
  • MIS - Management Information systems
  • CRM - Customer relationship management
  • Work planning - Automatic generation and allocation of work.

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