By applying cost savings in four separate areas - hardware, software, environmental and staff, Ylem can provide you with a quality IT system that is both robust and dependable for a much lower outlay than a typical purchased system.  The combination of these savings significantly lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your IT system.

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Hardware Savings
Utilising thin client technology, Ylem can provide a more reliable, secure and efficient hardware infrastructure at a lower cost.  Learn more...

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Software Savings
Through the use of open source software, Ylem brings you cost savings as well as other benefits.  Learn more...


Environmental Savings
Ylem's use of the most efficient hardware products means that you benefit from savings in power usage and product replacement lifecycles.  Learn more...

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Staff Savings
By centralising the management of your IT infrastructure, Ylem enables you to free up resources to work where they should be - running your business.  Learn more...

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