Mobius Food & Drink

Mobius Food & Drink from Ylem is the Enterprise Resource Planning system to optimise and drive your food and drink manufacturing & distribution business.

Mobius Food & Drink is focused on the challenges of effectively managing and analysing a wide variety of products, ingredients and recipes all purchased and sold in different units.  Whether you are dealing in cases, bottles, barrels, litres, grammes or fluid ounces, Mobius Food & Drink will be able to give you clear analysis of your profitability and efficiency.

  • Integrate your systems into a single system, from general administration to year end accounts and financial analysis.

  • View your business in real time.

  • Built for the reliable high-end performance demanded by mid-size enterprises.

  • Traceability of products and source ingredients.

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Increase profitability and save time
Quick and in depth evaluation of your production efficiency. 

Save Money
On-line product certification for controlled products. 

Peace of mind
A dependable solution meeting the demands of mid-size enterprise.

Save time
Complete batch tracability on products and ingredients through recipe system.

Case Study - Brinicombe

Set in the heart of Devon farming country, the Denis Brinicombe Group has a long pedigree, providing the finest feed, neutraceutical products and assistance to the farming industry.

Working closely with Brinicombe resulted in Ylem creating a unique system that not only takes care of the accounting/stock control/sales record function but also stores recipes for the feeds manufactured.    Ylem’s system alerts staff to purchase more ingredients as they are used.
  • Tailored to your business requirements and processes
  • Sales Order Processing and Customer Relationship Management (
  • Stock Management (Multi-location)
  • Stock and ingredient tracability through receipe system.
  • Purchase and Supplier Management
  • Sales Analysis
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Accounting reporting - VAT, End of Year,
  • Group company consolidation
  • Budgeting
  • Asset Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Group Consolidation
  • Multi-Depot,
  • Multi-Lingual,
  • Multi-Currency
  • Nominal ledger
  • Auditing
  • User Management
  • Optimised data input (Mouse optional)
  • Help screens specific to your company.

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