CRM system

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system provides a cost effective way to find new prospects and manage existing clients. It offers the most benefit in the qualification of new sales leads and this is an area where we specialise.


Ylem - CRM

Automation of sales prospecting
Our system can send e-mails to a qualified list and automatically report on any that have been read and any links to your web site that have been accessed. If a particular page has been viewed, the system will generate a sales lead to be followed up by the sales team.

The follow-up action may be to send subsequent e-mails which would also track access to your web site. Once a prospect has fully qualified themselves to have a strong interest in your product or service, the final action would be to contact them directly.

System benefits
By streamlining your sales and marketing activities, you can achieve the following benefits:

- Lower costs to find new customers
- More new business
- More repeat business
- More revenue and more profit!

Our CRM system is based on open source software, so it has no software license fee. We can host the product for you, giving you immediate access to a dedicated CRM system of your own, tailored to your needs for a low monthly per-user cost. In addition, Ylem can offer you the following services for your CRM system:

- Installation and configuration of the system
- Training
- Support